About Me, Shrekk!

Thando, The Brave Little Burro

Shrekk, The Brave Little Burro


I am excited to share many interesting stories and facts about my breed, THE DONKEY.

I live high in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado on a ranch with three horses, two dogs, and lots of crazy chickens.

DeborahThis is Inanna, the woman who adopted me.

She is writing a children’s book about me, THE BRAVE LITTLE BURRO,” which tells many stories about me and my adventures.

Inanna and her family live with me and the other animals on the ranch. She is an Author, Animal Communicator, Equine Guided Coach, and Mentor.

I can feel the love that she sends to me every time she feeds me. Here I am all brushed out and dressed up for the holidays!

Here are some photos of my animal family:

Animal Family

Crazy Chickens!

Crazy Chickens!

As you can see, I am not as big as other donkeys and horses. That is because I am a miniature burro (“burro” is the Spanish word for “donkey”).

My coloring is different as well – I have spots!  Whenever I feel like it, I can change the color of my coat from white to grey, black, or tan, and move my spots all around.  Do you know how?

Rolling in the Dirt

Rolling in the Dirt. I Love to Get Dirty!